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    Does Sarah Believe The Kid-Hacker Should Be Imprisoned For 50 Years

Excerpt: Kernell, who was 20 at the time of the breach, doesn't deny cracking Palin's account and changing the password to something dear to every dorm resident's heart: "popcorn." But he has said it was just "a college prank." Prosecutors argue that he was out to torpedo her candidacy and that he committed a crime by tapping in and posting personal information, such as e-mails and contact lists, on the Internet, using the screen name "rubico." Click Here

djms: This is a bit upsetting and unsettling. When pushed for an answer, as to if 50 years in prison is a bit of a stiff punishment for this college kid, Sarah said, "I think there need to be consequences for bad behavior."

I politically supported Sarah, right up until she began to support Mitt Romney. And even with jumping ship (the Sarah ship), I showed and have continue to show extreme respect for her. I even said that I'd get right back on deck, if she retracts her support for Romney. Fact is, I like Sarah.

However, if she really believes that this kid deserves 50 years behind bars (or any years for that matter) then I am going to have to assume that she is no longer the woman that I came to so greatly admire.

Listen, I admit that there should be some type of restitution for what this kid did.  There should be a huge fee and community service. Heck there should be some service to Sarah and a financial payment to be divided between all those whose privacy was imposed upon by this prank. But jail time? Oh come on!

Heck from the sounds of that one communication that he had online, it sounds like he didn't plan to actually do anything on her account. This we see by the person who said to at least give the password to others, so that they could ruin her life. Clearly, though he was wrong for giving the password to others for such, he was not actually willing to do it himself. And he probably realized that the others were not really able to ruin her life with the password. Here's the thing; the minute her account was compromised, nothing could be proven to have been typed by her or any of her family and friends. A compromised account, could be fudged to say anything.

I would be so angry if someone hacked into my email account. But NOT angry enough to want a college kid's life ruined over it.

Had it been an older adult that really was out to destroy her, but a college kid, clearly showing off for his friends? Come on...

Come on Sarah. I have kids that are practically-perfect-in-every-way, too. But even our heavenly little angels mess up. Show this kid the love of Christ. There was no real damage done to you over this. Look at it this way. If anything this kid's prank proved that you were a decent lady. Now it's your turn to prove that you still are. --Cut the kid a break.

Debra J.M. Smith - 04-24-10

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 Debra J.M. Smith