Watertown, MA Man Forced To Strip Naked Cleared And Released 
This is America. We are better than this.  

In the early morning hours every news source was covering the story about a Watertown, Massachusetts man who eventually was forced to strip naked for all the world to see. The man was thought to have been one of the two brothers, suspected in the Boston Marathon bombings.

I watched the story unfold live on TV. It seemed like forever that they had this twenty some year old guy lying in the road. He was so still (probably frozen from fear), that some news reporters wondered if he was dead.

Then the next thing you know, the news reports had video of this man being walked with hands cuffed behind his back, naked towards and then getting into a police car. Though the video was fuzzed out, so that we could not see the man's privates, I still could not believe my eyes. I could not believe what I was seeing.

I could not believe that here in America they would force a man to strip naked in the street and allow people to videotape it. Even if this had been the suspect that they were looking for, it was still wrong of them to do this. Apparently they thought he might have had bombs on him. Hey, then bring in the K9 dogs to sniff him out for bombs. America is better than this. We do not do this.

Later when they caught the real suspect, nothing was said on TV about what happened with this naked
man. And all I can find online is one little thing on an NBC article that simply said, "A man in his 20s who was thought to be a suspect but later cleared and released was ordered to strip naked, according to CNN. Officials were concerned he had explosives on his body."
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Debra J.M. Smith 04-19-13


 Debra J.M. Smith