Chris Matthews Blames Far Right For 04/15/13 Boston Bombings
And he implies that Kennedy was killed by someone on the far right. 

Chris Matthews is blaming the bombings that took place at the Boston Marathon and the explosion at the Kennedy Library that took place around the same time and is now being said to have been an unrelated electrical issue, on the far right. While Matthews was speaking with NBC terrorism analyst Michael Leiter, the following took place.

Chris Matthews said, "Let me ask you about domestic terrorism, as a category. Normally domestic terrorist people tend to be on the far right. That's not a good category. Just call them extremists. Let's call them that. Do they advertise after they do something like this? Do they try to get credit as a group or do they just hate America so much for its politics or its government that they just want to do the damage, they don't care if they get public credit, if you will."

Michael Leiter, responded with what can be summed up to mean, that it could have been anyone. Then Chris Matthews continued with pushing his anti-right agenda and said, "I was just thinking, again, it's early, it's an early situation, but going after the Kennedy Library, not something at Bunker Hill, not something from the Freedom Trail, or anything that kind of historic, but a modern political figure of the Democratic Party, does that tell you anything?" --To which Michael Leiter responds with, "I don't think it does."

Chris Matthews did not stop there. At the end of the exchange he implied that it was a far right person who killed Kennedy, when he said, "Just remember he was assassinated by someone with a political ambition

You can listen to the audio of the exchange by clicking on this media player. The above exchange begins just under half-way through: 
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Debra J.M. Smith 04-15-13


 Debra J.M. Smith