God Bless Sarah - But I Now Part Political Ways With Her 
            Sarah Palin Supports Romney - And I Jump Ship

Yes, Sarah Palin and I are sisters in the Lord, and I believe she is an extremely intelligent lady, with a huge heart for our nation. But somewhere along the way, she checked true wisdom at the door and failed in the "good judgment" category. She said in a recent speech that we need to have courage to do what is right. So here goes.

Found at the Drudge Report online, is a link to a Boston Herald article that quotes Sarah as having said, "Sounds pretty good," in response to being asked about running with Mitt Romney in 2012. She then confirmed her statement, when questioned later by the news source, saying, "I have a lot of respect for Mitt." Click Here

Mitt Romney, the father of homosexual marriage in Massachusetts, is who pushed that state into state ran health care, as well as having furthered abortion in the state while governor there. He is a huge Rhino.

Listen, we have all seen what happened with Scott Brown. The fact is, no good conservative is going to be voted into the Governor's office, by the majority of Massachusetts voters. It is no different than the situation with California's Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Why would we, as a conservative people, want for the office of the presidency, a liberal state's has-been! And why would the darling of the conservatives, Sarah Palin, throw her support behind such a liberal Republican? I don't get it.

And ya know what, I don't have to get it. And neither do you. We don't have to get inside of Sarah's head and figure out why she is doing this. We simply have to recognize it and be better than our liberal neighbors and say "NO" to liberal supporters, even when the supporter is someone who we love and admire and have supported so strongly.

God has a lot to say about hypocrisy. If we continue to support Sarah, while she supports liberalism, via Mitt Romney, then we are guilty of hypocrisy. By this I mean that we all spoke up against the people who blindly followed Obama. Fact is, we would be no better if we blindly follow Sarah, no matter what she does. The Lord also speaks agaisnt the "Give us a king" (or queen in Sarah's case) mentality. Those who voted Obama in, did so because they lacked faith in God and wanted a king to save them from this, that and the other thing. Well, we are to have our faith in the Lord, not in a mere human being. And we are not to elevate anyone to such a place that we cannot walk away from the person, if he or she goes way off-course.

Fact is the Sarah ship has gone way off-course and I have now jumped ship. God loves her and I do too, but I am no longer on board with Sarah Palin. I will be the first one back on deck, should she retract her statement. But this is just too serious of a mess-up for me to continue my support of her. We must stand on the side of truth, where our Lord wants us to always be.

Debra J.M. Smith - 04-15-10
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 Debra J.M. Smith