Another One For The Kenyan In The White House -
                       Appeals court upholds Justice challenge on Ariz. immigration law 

Washington Post Excerpt: A federal appeals court on Monday upheld a lower court decision that blocked the most contested provisions of Arizonaís immigration law from taking effect: Click Here.

The only people who would not want to be checked for immigration status would be those immigrants who are here illegally. We have to prove citizenship and or that we are here legally, when we apply for a license. So what does this court really have a problem with, an officer obtaining proof that the person did not forge the driver's license? It sounds that way to me.

I would have no problem with carrying a copy of my birth certificate on me and showing it to a police officer, if I am stopped for another reason. I would have to show my drivers license; and last I knew, a person had to be an American citizen (or here legally) to have a driverís license. What's the secret?

This is all via, Obama's lawsuit against one of America's own, Arizona. Obama is going down in history as an America-Hater, who was put in The White House to bring this country into submission to everything that's wrong in this world. This is a clear attack on our nation from with-in. And shame on anyone who agrees with this court's ruling.

Debra J.M. Smith - © 04-11-11

A final thought: If an immigrant really wanted to come here and be an American, he/she would insist on coming here legally, so that he/she could obtain an American citizenship. --These people that are sneaking over here, only want to take that which is not there's to take, while remaining a non-American. Or they would seek to come in through the front door.

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