Did Melissa Harris-Perry REALLY
Say That Children Belong To Their Communities?
Yes in one way. No in other. 

Though there are plenty of liberals who DO treat our children as wards of the state, and Melissa Harris-Perry may very well be one of them, that is NOT what she is doing here. When you listen to the full context of what she said in the video footage that is online, she was not meaning "ownership."

When she said "belong to," she was meaning "a member of." We say we belong to a group of people, like a church. When we say that, we are not meaning that they own us. We are meaning we are a member of such group or place.

Melissa Harris-Perry's words, taken in context are saying that children are "members of" (belong to) the community, not just their family, and that as such (she feels) we should pay more money for public schooling. She is saying that people tend to say, "Your kid is yours, and totally your responsibility."

She feels that people should see a child as a member of (one that belongs to) our community instead of just being a member of (belonging to) a family, and that we should all be willing to pay more for the schooling of our community's children. She is speaking socialism, not communism. Yes, socialism is bad. And I, personally believe that public schooling is socialism and is wrong and that we should never have been forced to school other people's children. I home schooled my children and sure have not liked having to pay for public schooled children too. I DO believe it is "Your kid and totally your responsibility." But there is a difference between believing that society should pay (and pay even more than ever) to school other people's children and actually believing that society "owns" our children. --She was not meaning the latter.

Are we called in the bible to care  about and help others? Absolutely. But that is a personal thing that we are called to do, personally as we feel called and led to do. It is not a ticket for our government to steal from us and give what they steal to those who do not earn it. Nor do I feel that the government should have ever began taking our money and making us jump through hoops to get some of it back, by way of showing that we "qualify" for it. "Qualify" to get that which they took from us. I cannot stand that!

So yes, I believe Melissa Harris-Perry is wrong for what she did say. But she did not say that the communities "own" America's children, any more than I am saying that America owns our children, when I call them "America's children," and any more than I am saying your children are also my children, when I use the word "our" in "our children."

Debra J.M. Smith 04-09-13


 Debra J.M. Smith