Suicide - Is A True Born Again Believing Christian Capable of Suicide 

We are but dust, which is why we need Jesus.
That which is not possible with man, is possible with God.
Only in Christ can a person deal with the worst that can come our way.

With last week's passing of Rick Warren's son, by a self-inflicted gun shot wound, many people are asking what happens to a person who commits suicide. The following is how I feel about this topic.

If a person is truly saved, a true born again Christian in Christ, then there is nothing that person can do to lose his/her salvation. The question is: "Is it possible for a true born again believer in Jesus Christ (a truly saved person) to take his/her own life?" When I consider all of the medicines that they put people on these days for depression that say "Can cause suicidal thoughts," I think it might be possible for a believer to take his/her own life, if under the influence of such drugs.

Then there are medical disorders that cause a person to not even know his/her own name. Is it possible that such a person could have been saved before getting to that point and end up taking his/her own life as a result of the medical condition? Possibly. But that type of person would most likely be being watched around the clock.

We read in the bible that the righteous shall fall, but not all the way, that God holds the righteous up with His hand. We read the story of Job, who had it worse than anyone, but did not kill himself, as he was a man who loved the Lord.

It appears to me that God would not allow one of His own to get to the point of purposeful suicide. But is it really suicide if medicine causes a person to kill him/herself? (We don't know if Rick Warren's son was on any of these medicines. One might assume he was, because they are saying he struggled with depression his whole life, though.)

I think that what is most important is for Christian parents to take note and to make sure that the first sheep they feed the word of God to is their own children. And never stop feeding it to them. Sadly, and I don't care how many books he has sold, I don't believe Rick Warren is a true believer, however that's another topic for another day.

No matter what Rick Warren is or isn't, his children are not him. And his son could have very well gotten saved at some point in his short life. And if that is the case, then that would mean he would be in heaven. But I don't recommend anyone risking it, as such could be a sign that a person never was saved.

Some things we just won't know.

Debra J.M. Smith 04-08-13


 Debra J.M. Smith