Rep. Slaughter Says Republicans Are In D.C. To Kill Women -
     Women Still Going To Planned Parenthood For Basic Care? Why? 

Leave it to my congresswoman, Louise Slaughter to accuse Republicans in D.C. of being there to kill women. That's her latest rant. Remember this is the same woman that accused me of wanting all AIDS patients to be put on an island to die and who believes that every constituent that disagrees with her is a gun toting lunatic that's out to shoot her down. Is she crazy or clever as the devil!

Whatever the answer to that question is, I have another question that really needs answered by her and all the other Democrats that are claiming the possible pending government shut down is now about wanting to take away poor women's basic health care needs, by stopping federal funding of Planned Parenthood. And that question is: What happened to their health care law?

Why are poor women having to go to an abortion factory for their basic female medical needs, now that we have a health care law? I thought that the health care law was supposed to give everyone medical care with real doctor's offices.

Oh and we now see the fights that are going to go on over health care

Debra J.M. Smith -  04-08-11


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 Debra J.M. Smith