"Call your school and if need-be, keep your children home."
                            Homosexual "'Day of Silence' Walk Out" 

They are planning on keeping quiet for an entire day in public schools across America. We are encouraging parents with morals to keep their children out of school for the strange phenomena that is scheduled to take place on April 12th of this year.

They are homosexuals and their advocates. We are concerned and responsible adults who work to protect the innocent children. "Informing Christians" is grateful to be a part of a large group of endorsers who yearly call for a "'Day of Silence' Walk Out."

Oh if they would just always keep silent. But we all know that is just never going to happen. However, one day a year, they seek to get even more attention than they get when they are out loud and proudly in our faces. That day is "The Day of Silence."

The day is designed to do three things: 1) get attention, 2) intimidate non-participating students, and  3) use public schools for the homosexual political agenda.

It is being asked that responsible parents with morals call their local school and ask if it is participating in "The Day of Silence." If the school is, the hope is that the caller will let his/her thoughts on the matter be known and to keep any children in the home that attend the school home on that day, also letting such be known to the school. 

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Note: Parents are encouraged to ask if the school is even “allowing” students to remain silent. It shouldn't be allowed at all.

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