Nine Teens Charged
                Bullying Leads To Crimes and Suicide

Excerpt: Nine Massachusetts teens were indicted Monday for driving a pretty 15-year-old "new girl" from Ireland to suicide in a case that has become a symbol of high school bullying.

The sweeping charges - which come after months of complaints that the bullies weren't being punished - include statutory rape, violation of civil rights with bodily injury, criminal harassment and stalking: Click Here 

It is something that many of us know first hand, of just how it felt to be bullied as a kid. As far as I remember it, the adults did nothing to stop it.

Clearly nothing has changed. Many of the kids from my generation, grew up and do nothing more to help the bullied child in school, today, than back when they were kids.

And I am shocked that none of the adults who knew about the bullying, have yet to be charged. I guess Massachusetts is cool with it, when it is a heterosexual girl that was attacked so badly!

Debra J.M. Smith - 03-30-10

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 Debra J.M. Smith