"Schumer Hypnotic Suggestion"
               Dueling Senators - Graham vs. Schumer

Last night I caught this spar-off between Senators Schumer and Graham that took place on Meet The Press: Click Here 

Schumer said, "I would predict to you ...that as people learn about what's actually in the bill, six months from now, by election time, this is going to be a plus." And of course, he read off the  usual half-truths about the bill, saying that it is going to give this to these people, that to those people and his own daughter health care till she is 26. While he never tells the truth about what it will take away from others and the true cost that it would put on us all.

That's okay, because that is what Graham was there for. When Graham's mic was working, he was able to get some truth out about the bill and how, among other things, it is going to harm those who are already on Medicare. --Had I been there, I would have pointed out the fact that the entire bill is unconstitutional and backed Schumer up against the wall, telling him to show me what power in the constitution he feels this bill falls under.

Schumer just kept trying to speak things into existence. He sounded like he believed he had just put the entire viewing audience into a controlled trance and could speak his hypnotic suggestions into the minds of us all. Just don't look too long into those Frank Sinatra eyes of his and you'll be safe. Oh, and don't drink the cool-aid.

Senator Graham had a different approach to getting his points across, rather than just trying to lie them into being. Another example of what he pointed out, is that the health care bill subtracted a lot of the cost for doctors, making it look as if it is going to save a load of money over the next decade; but that the cost was slid into the jobs bill. Yes, he dared to bring into the light, yet another deception of the leftists in Washington.

Don't let Schumer's New York good looks and stern serious tanning-salon face, fool you. The man is nothing more than a male version of Congresswoman Louise Slaughter. But, unlike Louise, who tries to mommy people into voting for her, he uses some self-taught class and his ability to speak fluently to fool the public. --Come on, New Yorkers, let's wise up to this man. Let's show him that we are far smarter than he gives us credit for and that we are not going to buy into the "Schumer Hypnotic Suggestion." Let's send him packing!

Debra J.M. Smith - 03-29-10

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 Debra J.M. Smith