"I'm Not Giving Up. I'm Just Rethinking This."
                   The Government's Not Working, So We Must Work Harder 

It is not working. That's just the fact of it. Our government has run-amuck. It is as if the government, on a whole, desires to kill everything that our founding fathers built our country to be. In our current government's eyes, we are no longer an independent nation, a nation with absolute laws, a nation with morals, a nation of truth, a nation under God. 

So it is up to us, we the people with morals. It is up to us to get the truth out there. It is up to us to get people to understand why presidents must qualify, why we are not to kill our young or neglect our elderly. It is up to us to teach people true American history that was deep in biblical Christianity. It is up to us to teach people why we must keep our country a Christian nation. It is up to us to teach people the basics, like what a marriage is. And most of all, it is up to us to teach and raise our own children, as it has always been.

The government, in many ways has simply become an obstacle. It is not that I am giving up on our government. On, no, thatís not at all the case. It is just that until we get back control of our government, we have to get the truth out there to people. We need to educate anyone that we can possibly reach. We can do this independently or with a group. But let's do it.

Debra J.M. Smith - © 03-28-11

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© Debra J.M. Smith