Don't let it be said that I cannot grow and learn -
                    A Conservative's Progressive Plan

In the 2008 election I was very adamant about not voting for the lesser of two evils, that God would never want us to vote for anyone remotely evil. Well, I stand a little bit corrected. Please read on.

I used to work very closely with a man who I knocked heads with, quite often, and voting for the lesser of two evils was one of those topics that we crashed heads on a number of times. And as good debate can do, I learned that there is something that I had missed.

Though, I cannot fully throw my support behind anyone who is even the lesser of two evils, much less actually campaign for such a person; there is something that I can do to remove a current person in office, while not compromising my morals.

With the exception of a candidate that is pro-abortion or for that which is an abomination to our Lord. (I won't knowingly support or vote for such and have learned to not just trust a person's party affiliation), I say the previous and the following.

Here is an example of what I am talking about. It is what I am doing in my district in New York--

The following is a tweaked (for this article) email that went out to some local people who are looking to remove Congresswoman Louise Slaughter from her office and get someone else in:

I have been calling the GOP in Monroe Country, every couple of weeks, asking if they have someone to run against my congresswoman, Louise Slaughter. So far they have not named anyone, but they assure me that they will soon. It is my hope that it is someone who is a good solid conservative that I can solidly back and campaign for.


However, no matter what, I am going to campaign against Louise Slaughter.


Even if the person who is running against Louise Slaughter is not really someone who I can in all good consciousness support (but would be far better than Slaughter), I will campaign against Louise Slaughter and let people make up their own minds. I don't have to campaign for someone else, in order to campaign against Louise Slaughter. --But it sure would help.


Though we should not vote for the lesser of two evils, I have come to realize that we can vote for the better of the two evils, if it is part of a plan to get the strongest evil out. This is so that the next elections we have an easier time getting someone even better in. --It's a type of stepping plan. I suppose we could call this a Conservative's Progressive Plan.


My plan is to begin to make dates to speak in places, throughout the 28th district and to educate people on the unconstitutionality of Louise Slaughter's agendas. I want to explain the constitution to people, who might not understand it. And I am hoping to have many people present, who already do understand it; so that they can help those next to them. I want to put those who are educated on the constitution, in touch with those who would like to be educated on it. We are in this together. I want this to be a "we" and "us" campaign to get that woman out!


Also, if we can reach people who normally vote on the liberal side of things, let's reach them too. Let's try to win them over to the conservative side. My plan is to stay very respectful (yet firm on the truth) and not attack the whole of those who have been tricked by the liberal party. Many of those people are for the same things that we are for and against much of what we are against, but have fallen for the liberal lie and just need to learn the truth of what the liberal party is really doing. Many people just need to see the truth brought into the light. --And of course, we need to get those undecided people (however many of them still remain after this past year).


It probably goes without saying that we need to motivate the conservatives that sit home on Election Day, to get out and vote. There really are more of us conservatives than there are liberals. So a large part of my work will be to teach others how to reach out to those family members, friends and neighbors and teach them that their votes really will count. I don't know, maybe we could encourage people to have voting parties, where friends, neighbors and family members get together for pizza and soda-pop after they go vote. Now there's an idea!

Debra J.M. Smith - 03-27-10
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