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        Why Aren't I, A Christian, Wanting This Health Care Plan

I was asked a very reasonable question by a new friend (Bill) on Soda Head, an online web blog. His question asked me why I would say that I do not want to help others with this health care plan, when I am a Christian and taught by God to help others. 

What I want to do is educate people on helping themselves and voluntarily helping others, when they can.

Our government is made up of people, just people. And they are wrong to steal from some people, to give to others.

It is wrong to make slaves out of anyone. Forced servitude is simply wrong. When some people force other people to do any amount of work and take from the fruits of that work and give it to others, against the will of the person who worked, then that is forced servitude. It is stealing and forced slave work. And such is bondage, the opposite of being free.

Some people mistakenly confuse the calling on God's people to help the needy, with putting God's people into bondage.

God's people are called to do that which we can do, to help others. We are not called to have our own households go into debt, to do such. Nor are we called to let our own household go without basic needs, to do such.

We are also called to be good stewards of that which God has given us. And knowingly giving to people who are simply being lazy, is enabling a person to continue in the sin of laziness. --That is just one example. We are to do wisely with that which the Lord has given us. And we are always to give glory to God for our sharing with others, not the government.

Debra J.M. Smith - 03-26-10
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