Why is one threat illegal, but not another -
     Whiny Democrats Can Dish Threats But Cannot Take Them

As most of my readers know, Louise Slaughter is my congresswoman. Someone put a brick through an office window of hers. I am not for anything stupid like that. Nor am I for threatening anyone's life. 

But, I have to wonder what some of these liberals in D.C. are thinking, going after the health care of the American people, in this manner. The very passage of the health care bill, into an unconstitutional law, threatens the lives of every American in this country. Yet, we are to believe that D.C. is shocked to see people reacting in adverse ways.

They cannot be this stupid. If they are going to threaten people's lives, then they should not be shocked when someone threatens theirs back. And goodness knows they should not turn into whiny babies over it. If a person can dish it, the person should be able to take it.

As for those who claim that we conservatives incite anger: Louise Slaughter lies about her constituents who dare to speak against what she is for, and she does not truly represent her district and does not uphold or defend the U.S. Constitution. She refuses to meet with anyone who disagrees with her, referring to us as, "Those people," among other things and says that it is beneath the dignity of her office to meet with us. --Now you tell me who is inciting anger into the people!

Debra J.M. Smith - 03-26-10
www.InformingChristians.com  -- The picture is of the Monroe County Democrat Committee, here in Rochester, New York

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 Debra J.M. Smith