No God - No Bible - No Marriage 
One Nation Outside Of God

I came very close to sub-titling this article, "One Nation Above God," because that's how so many people think today. Talk about getting too big for one's britches. America is like a naughty teenager thinking she does not need a father, but then she blames him when things go wrong. Nonetheless, let's continue.

While watching a round-table style news debate on homosexual marriage, I heard a defender of it claim that heterosexuals are simply by accident able to procreate. If there is no God and everything happened by accident, then heterosexuals are only able to have children because of some cosmic accident, rendering such reasoning for marriage nullified. And somehow that then allows for homosexuals to marry. Her reasoning is that if there is no good physical reason for any couples to marry, then there is no good physical reason for any couples not to marry. She then goes with the "love" theory. --It would be nice if someone would ask her how we describe love, without getting into beliefs.

I would use the reasoning of the gender body parts, as clearly not all heterosexual couples can have children. And actually biblically marriage is about a man and a woman coming together and being one flesh. Of course biblical reasoning would not be acceptable to humanists.

I would not mention the bible in a court hearing on this topic. I would instead speak of logic, intelligence, and a civil society; one that is ran in an orderly manner. I would arm myself with medical facts of how the male and female gender parts are formed in a way that they are meant to come together and that that is what consummates and makes a marriage, something that two people of the same gender cannot do. And for those who want to believe that everything is a cosmic accident, I would point out that no matter what a person wants to believe as to how the male and female bodies came to be this way, the fact is that they are this way. Heterosexual couples can consummate a marriage, homosexual couples cannot. I would also point out some state laws that allow for an annulment of marriage, if one spouse cannot consummate the marriage. Click Here

It is a sad thing that America ever got to this point, where people are sworn in on a bible in a court of law, but not allowed to mention anything that is in it when the issue is that of our laws. Our founding fathers never meant for lawmakers to ignore what God says. That is just foolishness. But if that is what people want to claim, then let's talk about logic, intelligence, and a civil society. Let's be wise as a serpent
(Matthew 10:16).   

Debra J.M. Smith 03-25-13


 Debra J.M. Smith