Protest Cancels Ann Coulter Speech in Ottawa


Excerpt: OTTAWA -- A protest by hundreds of students led organizers to cancel a Tuesday night speech by American conservative commentator Ann Coulter at the University of Ottawa.: Click Here

djms: I am going to step out on a limb here and tell it, as I see it.

Ann Coulter has said to us conservatives, "You must outrage the enemy. If you donít leave liberals in a sputtering impotent rage, youíre not doing it right."


Ann could not be more wrong or more unbiblical. I am about as far a right wing Conservative as one can get, and my goal is NOT to purposely enrage the liberals. I am called by God to do good. If that "good" is perceived by some as "evil," as scripture says it will be, and some liberals get upset with me (or enraged), then that is their doing. But, no matter what, Psalm 37 tells me how to be in dealing with those who do evil. And purposely trying to tick them off, to leave them in a "sputtering impotent rage," is not what I'm called to do. This is said by someone (me) who does not sugar-coat the truth, no matter who will be offended by it. I see a difference and hope that you do, as well.

Some may think that I have a personal beef with Ann Coulter. To that I say the following: Before I had ever heard Ann Coulter speak a word, I had great feelings towards her, as I had been told great things about her that I had believed. It was not until the first time that I heard words come out of Ann Coulter's mouth on the Jay Leno show, that my opinion of her changed. And with each time that she opened that mouth of hers and said some needlessly outrageous thing, she only furthered how I had come to feel towards her. I am not one to kiss up to someone, just because they are famous and call them self a "conservative." --I have actually, since then defended her, when she was in the right, with the Elizabeth Edwards situation. I am very honest and can even be honest about those who I am not thrilled with.


With that said:

I think that we have enough troubles in our own country, without Ann Coulter trying to challenge Canadian laws.

The fact is that Canada has laws that can get Ann Coulter put into jail for saying things that are still legal to say in the United States. She is lucky that she didn't speak and end up in a Canadian jail for the weekend. Honestly, would she go over to the middle east and pull this! Let's fix The U.S.A. --Canada is far gone and none of our business!  Talk about a waste of time! This is the woman that believes Obama's citizenship is is a waste of time!

It is more important to use our efforts to keep her and all of us free to speak our minds in America, than trying to change Canada. Ann Coulter could have proven her point without fighting another country's laws, by simply turning down the invitation on the grounds that she would never be allowed to fully speak her mind on the issues that we are faced with today.

Ann Coulter would have done much better, had she refused to accept the invitation to speak at the Canadian university, to begin with. She should have refused on the grounds of the lack of free speech in Canada. She would have made a much better stand and not been seen as an American trouble-maker, but rather one who is in control of her own person. --It is not as if she did not know of their inhumane laws. And she is not a citizen of Canada, therefore it is not her business to try to change Canada.

I live an hour from Canada and used to go there, often. We have not been in Canada since Canada began its persecution of Christians and others who speak up for conservatism. There's a mature way to go about things and an immature, attention seeking way. Ann Coulter makes money off of immature attention seeking behavior that unfortunately all conservatives pay a price for.

Had she declined the invitation, then it would have been up to the Canadian university to assure her that her speech would not be restricted, which simply would not have happened. Then, if her point was to prove where America is heading, she could have done so, without once again needlessly making American Conservatives look like trouble-makers. I can only suspect that she is either writing another book or still trying to get rid of her old ones and needs the publicity to pump up again.

Honestly, I wish that Ann Coulter would sit down and shut up!

Debra J.M. Smith - 03-25-10

            "If the truth hurts, let it hurt on its own accord; rather than trying to hurt with the deliverance of it."
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