Health Care Bill Passes In The House
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Every now and then I come across a post online that I just cannot believe that someone actually read before having pushed "enter."

Yvette Carnell writes for a Soda Head, an online news source that began with having all posts, posted by the general public. Well, now the website has some regulars that start up topics. And of course, someone had to be on the side of the leftists. That would be Miss Carnell.

Reading what a person like Miss Carnell has to say about the health care issue, gives us on the "right," some insight as to just what the heck they are all thinking, supporting such an atrocity.

Here are some excerpts from Miss Carnells thread, titled, "The President And Madame Speaker Make History – Again."

Excerpt 1 - To my Tea Partying friends, I'd just like to say that this party is over. You fought valiantly, albeit for all the wrong reasons, but you and your hand made and often misspelled signs will be missed.

Excerpt 2 - And my friends at FOX News will be forced to report actual news instead of using their network as a platform to promote the Tea Party protests and exaggerate the numbers of protesters.

Excerpt 3 - The health care which Democrats fought so hard for does have a real price – over $900 billion. The president says that the bill will pay for itself over time...

Excerpt 4 - When faced with the choice of human life versus deficit spending, Democrats chose human life.


Excerpt 5 - Many Democrats who are in red or purple districts will pay a price from constituents who mistakenly believe that “death panels” and rationing are a part of the health care reform package.

Excerpt 6 - Democrats stood up, and just like their predecessors with Medicare and Social Security, put the people before their jobs.

Excerpt 7 - I call that leadership. Congratulations Mr. President and Bravo Madame Speaker.

The following is my comment (see if you can relate) that I left on Yvette Carnell's post:

Yvette Carnell,

While you mock the "Tea Party" movement for misspelled words, I would dare say that you should get yourself an education in the U.S. Constitution. You see, your heroes who swore to uphold and defend it, spat on it and tossed it out the window. If you had a true education in the U.S. Constitution, you would know this fact.

Nowhere in the powers that are granted to congress, does taking over our health care system, fall under. Fact is, the only "Welfare" that congress is to take care of, is the "General Welfare" of the United States. (This is not the welfare of the individual states, nor is it the welfare of the individual people.)

If Democrats knew what a prepositional phrase was, they would know what "General Welfare" is referring to in the first power that is given to congress. They would also know that the conjunction "and" joins together "Common Defense" and "General Welfare," making both equal. Would they REALLY call the FBI for a problem with a neighbor? Well, the federal government is not supposed to get called for personal medical needs either.

Nice shot at FOX news. But you are wrong there, as well. FOX is actually owned by one of the biggest liberals around, Murdoch. And it in no way, leaves out the liberal side of things. Speaking of major news sources. You just keep on watching ABC, NBC and CBS. They are counting on your business. They worked hard to get this bill passed and line up big news stories for a long time to come. Could you imagine if the bill had not passed? They would have to go back to reporting on Tiger Woods and the latest Dancing With the Stars sensation! No doubt, this should keep your favorite news sources in big major news stories, for months to come, perhaps years.

As for the bill paying for itself, over time? Well, whatever were conservatives thinking? "The president" said it will pay for itself. But of course it will. I mean, it is not as if "the president" has ever lied before. Seriously, I feel better now. So not!

Please do tell us, if the majority of Americans REALLY wanted this health care take-over, then why is "the president" STILL having to "sell it to the American people?" -- One thing we did NOT hear in any of this was Republicans being threatened with the upcoming 2010 elections, if they did not vote for the bill. No, I'd say that it has all been the Democrats, facing threats of being voted out of office in November, if they did vote for the bill.

I seriously wonder how many people are going to find this health care bill "affordable" when they lose their jobs because of the burden put on bosses who cannot afford to cover them or pay the fine. Or, how about those whose insurance has been "financed" by their employer, who will now have to find their own? You do realize that employers who ALREADY cover much of their employers' insurance, will save FAR more money by paying a $2,000.00 fine, per employee, than at least FIVE TIMES that amount! I wonder how many people will find it affordable, when they, themselves get fined almost $700.00 for not having insurance.

You said, "When faced with the choice of human life versus deficit spending, Democrats chose human life." umm... I thought you said that this was going to pay for itself. Which is it? And please don't insult the intelligence of the bloggers on this site. Of course there are death panels; they are the people who will say what care is given to what illnesses and what medicines are to be used, etc. Yes, they will be making life and death choices for us all. What do you THINK they are going to do? Insurance companies had to make decisions, but at least with them, we could leave and go elsewhere. Now, we cannot, because people in D.C. will make the decisions for everyone now.

I am constantly amazed at the number of people who compare this to medicare and social security, as if those two things were GOOD things. Did someone miss telling you that social security is all dried up and medicare costs doctors an enormous amount of money, in losses? pssss.... This is what we mean, when we say that there will be rationing of health care. The doctors will no longer be able to pass the losses onto the rest of us. This is because we will ALL be losses for them now! This will also cause less people to enter into the medical field.

I have two daughters in the sciences. One is in grad school, the other her third year as an undergrad. Both have talked about the possibility of going into medicine. Yesterday, while we were talking about this, my youngest said that it won't be a good field to be in, now that the government has taken it over. No doubt, there will be shortages of medical doctors and nurses. So, if there will not be rationing, how is the government going to get everyone good care, with not enough medical people? Or, are you also for full blown communism, which tells people what field of work they will do and forces them into fields that are needed? Just how far are you willing to go, Miss Carnell?

You call what Obama and Pelosi have done, "Leadership." Yvette Carnell, I'd truly like to hear what you have to say about this in a year from now.


PS... I'd rather have typos and spelling errors, than to not understand the U.S. Constitution. It has a little something to do with "patriotism." Men and women have fought and many have died, defending our freedoms. The least we can do is to do our part in defending liberty in this nation. And Miss, Carnell, your liberty ends, when it takes mine away..

Debra J.M. Smith - 03-25-10

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