Health Care Bill Passes In The House
        Is Universal Health Care An Issue of Morals

Every human being has a right to the pursuit of health care. Just as every human being has a right to the pursuit of food, clothing and shelter. Every human being does not, however, have a right to make someone else pay for their health care, food, clothing and shelter. No one has a right to make slaves out of others.

For those who feel that this is a moral issue and believe that people who have something more than others, should allow the government to take from us to give to others, I have the following to say:

"If you are so much for not having more than the next person, then you need to sell all that you have and give the money to your local hospital and town pantry and live as the poorest person in your town, on the streets."

Until such a person can give up all that he has that is more than the poorest person in his town has, he has no right to tell any of us to sit back and allow the U.S. Government to steal from us and make us slaves to the poorest people in our country, via the government. Until then, he is simply using the government to ease his own guilt.

No matter what, it is not the government's job to tell me that it is "moral" for me to have my household go with less than we earn, so that another household can have more than they earn.

Debra J.M. Smith - 03-24-10

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 Debra J.M. Smith