Health Care Bill Passes In The House
                 What Now - Now We Remove Them

The Japanese Admiral who ordered the attack on Pearl Harbor in World War II, spoke the following words, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." -There is no doubt that the attack on our country, suffered last night at the hands of 219 members of our own government, has done just that.

True Americans are going to come out of the wood-work to vote these anti-Americans out of our government. Congresswoman Louise Slaughter accused people like myself of being anti-government. She could not be more wrong about us. We are very much for our government. And we want it back! We have a constitution that has been disrespected and tossed out the window, and we want it to be defended and protected! That woman does not know what pro-government people are really like. But she is going to soon find out! If my district is not successful in getting her removed from office, she will be among the minority in 2011.

Louise Slaughter said of the people who opposed her on the health care bill issues, that meeting with us was beneath the dignity of her office. It is she and her friends on Capital Hill that are beneath the dignity of the offices that they currently hold. That she would claim people who oppose a legislation, are anti-American, shows just how far into socialism she has gone. Those are the words of a communist and as such, are very anti-American.

True American leadership should welcome opposition and consider there to be something very wrong, if no one shows opposition. If there is no opposition shown, then that means that there is fear in the hearts of the people. The American government is not supposed to invoke fear into her citizens. And her citizens should not fear such people.

We need to get the truth out to people, the truth of just what the Democrats and the Democrats alone are now responsible for. This is their shame.

I commit to work diligently to get my congresswoman removed from office. I also commit to work diligently to do all that I can to be of help to people across this country in getting other Democrats removed in November, as well.

It does not matter if we do not remove all of them, we just need to remove the majority of them. We have to be logical and realize that no matter how hard we work, some will end up staying in office. But they will be in the minority, come 2011, if we do our work. And then we will have to work to get those Republicans who replace the Democrats, to undo the damage that has been done. For this, we need to have two-thirds of both houses to be occupied by true conservatives. This includes getting Rhinos replaced, as well.

Debra J.M. Smith - 03-22-10

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 Debra J.M. Smith