The above is taken from a MD school district. Both of these suggestions to the school superintendent, Dr. Jerry D. Weast, passed. This is a school district that, like so many others, does not take a solid stand against promiscuity.

                                Curriculum Tells Some Truths That The School Needs To Follow
Debra J.M. Smith - Informing Christians

The part that struck me the loudest from the MD public school curriculum was the part that admitted that condoms are only 85% safe with typical use, at preventing pregnancy and 98% with correct and consistent use. That means that even if children were to use condoms correctly and consistently, two out of every one hundred times, will result in a pregnancy. And for those children who use condoms in a typical usage manner, fifteen out of every one hundred times, will result in a pregnancy. Now look at it in terms of STDs, like AIDS.

And this curriculum also teaches that using condoms for any use other than vaginal intercourse can increase the potential damage to the condom. In other words, children who use condoms for other things, as in homosexual activities, have an even greater risk of contracting STDs like AIDS.

This MD school district has this truth in its curriculum. It is time that the school district takes just as big of a stand against sexual promiscuity, as it would take if students were playing Russian roulette with a gun, instead of condoms

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 Debra J.M. Smith