Ethics Committee Backs Totally Off Of Eric Massa

Check this out: Washington Post - The House ethics committee decided Wednesday to close its short-lived investigation into allegations that now-resigned congressman Eric Massa groped and sexually harassed younger male staffers in his office, according to two sources familiar with the decision: Click Here


djms commentary: If Eric Massa is guilty of anything, it is of being a bit wet-behind-the-ears and behaving immaturely. It is not uncommon for men his age to relapse into juvenile behavior, in an effort to be as young as the younger guys.

And I say this as someone who greatly differs from him, politically. I feel that his answer to health care, was just as unconstitutional as the bill that he would not vote for. However, the fact remains that he was not voting for the bill and they got rid of him.

Eric Massa stated that the Democrat party would "stop at nothing" to pass the health care bill into law. Next door, in district 28, fellow Democrat Congresswoman Louise Slaughter demonstrated her ability to "stop at nothing," when she berated me on a radio show..

Slaughter was the guest on the radio show, and I was the first caller. I asked her where the constitution gives congress the power to do what they were doing with health care, saying that it does not give them the power. She became irate with me, to the point of making a false claim against me, which I saw as an attempt to scare me off and shut me up. Because I am used to people lying, in attempts to silence us right-wing Christian activists, I did not miss a beat and got us right back onto the topic at hand. The false claim that the congresswoman tossed out at me, was a fabrication that would have been built from something found on an internet blog.

To hear the audio, go to: http://www.debrajmsmith.com/090809HL2.html

Debra J.M. Smith - 03-11-10

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