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If you are or someone you know is a passive person, feeling that nothing can be done about the wrongs that go on, then this piece might be of encouragement. It is just one example of the times I have spoken up.

Because I had this brainy idea to save money for my youngest daughter's first couple years of college, she started college at a state university. 

In a first year academic planning class, the college had a sex-ed day. Ya, I know, where's the correlation! 

The person leading the class spoke on several things and had a female student demonstrate putting on a condom on a fake (ya know what). While this was all going on, there was a basket going around the room. When the basket reached my daughter, and she saw what was in it, she got up, put the basket on a counter and walked out. --The basket had condoms, mixed in with candies.

The girls in the class were asked, what to do if the condom breaks. The answer was to go to the school medical place the next morning and get the "morning after" pill (the abortion pill.) And they were told that if parents were to ask what the charge was for, to just say you needed some medicine for a headache.

So basically this college was teaching these students how to have sex, get an abortion and how to lie to mom and dad about it.

My daughter called me, very upset. She was still 17 because her birthday is late in November, so I handled it for her and called the college. Once I finally got to the person responsible for what happened, he received an earful from me.

The professor, who had a "doctor" before his name, was very haughty with me and acted as if what had happened was just fine, saying that college kids have sex. I told him that not all of them are, that my daughter sure wasn't; and I told him that he insulted every lady in that classroom. I also asked him if he would do the same to the faculty, saying that some of them are probably having sex with each other too. And I followed with, "Of course you wouldn't, because you'd be sued for sexual harassment!" I then reminded him that these students are people too and deserving of the same respect.

He asked me what I was wanting. I told him that a gentleman would apologize to my daughter. He said that he would not. So I said, "Then you are no gentleman." I told him, "All formalities aside," that I did not care if he had "doctor" before his name, that he was no better than I am. And I told him how wrong he was. He still refused to say, "sorry."

After getting off the phone with him, I called the college back and got a dispute area on the campus. The person was surprised to learn that the problem was not with another student, but went ahead and took my complaint. I was asked what I was looking for. I said that I want an apology to my daughter that she did not deserve to be treated in a manner that assumed bad of her. I said that I did not care who it came from, as long as it was from the college.

Within a couple weeks, my daughter received an official apology in writing from the university. The letter also said that in future years they would let students know ahead of time of that which would take place in that class and give them a chance to opt out of that day's class.

I wanted my daughter to know that such treatment is not acceptable and that someone loves her enough to go bat for her honor. Some day she will find that Mr. Right, and I want her to know that anyone who says he loves her, would not only fight for her honor, but never seek to take it away.

We all can do something about most anything. And if we all tried, this world would be a better place

A Final Note: We got her out of that college after just one year and into a private university. She graduates this year (2011) with her bachelors in chemistry and is going on to grad school.

Debra J.M. Smith -  03-07-11

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