"Irena Sendler"
                                         A Hero - A True Hero 


Have you ever wondered who Al Gore beat out for that Nobel Peace Prize? Well, wonder no more.

Her name was Irena Sendler. She had been a plumber/sewer specialist in Germany during the days of Hitler. You may have heard of this hero already. I have received a few emails recently about her. It is reported, that over a course of time, she snuck 2500 children out of harms-way, and when caught, she was severely beaten and had both arms and legs broken.

Irena survived and not only lived to tell about it, but lived to reunite some of the parents who were not gassed, with their children. And she saw to it that the rest of the children got to safe homes.

Irena was nominated in 2007 for the Nobel Peace Prize award. But she did not win it. Instead that award went to, scammer Al Gore and the other scammers on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Irena died the next year, at 98 years old.

Debra J.M. Smith -  03-07-11

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 Debra J.M. Smith