Republicans, Expose The Power Hungry, Vote Buying, Democrats - STOP Playing "Nice Guy"

Who is doing the job of Congress, defending our nation, while Congress fights over OUR health care? Why is not ONE Republican standing up and saying, "Hey, while you Democrats are keeping us fighting to protect our constituents' constitutionally supported freedoms, WHO THE HECK IS PROTECTING THIS NATION?"

The Republicans should be making a HUGE issue out of the fact that the people who they are having to fight to protect our freedoms, are the power hungry, vote buying, DEMOCRATS!

I have said for a long time now, that the Republicans have to go on the dog-gone OFFENSE! But they are too busy playing "nice guy" and having to show that they are nicer than the left! Well how the heck nice are they being to the American people, by not doing their job in the best way possible!

The Republicans need to go on an all-out offense and show the Democrats for what they are.

The Democrats are trying to take over everything, so that they can control the people on election day by making more and more promises with our very lives.

Nancy Pelosi knows exactly what she is doing, trying to pass this health care bill before elections. She expects us to believe that she is okay with a lot of democrats losing their positions. That is just bull. Such bull would mean that she is okay with the democrats losing control of the house and her losing control of that hammer. She didn't get all of those face lifts, to shrink away into nothingness. Nancy Pelosi is no shrinking violet! No way, there is no way that she is okay with losing that hammer.

Nancy Pelosi knows that if the health care bill passes before election day, that the democrats will then use what is in the bill as a bargaining tool, in order to get re-elected. The democrats will then claim that the republicans will not do as well with the "new health care laws" as the democrats can do. --It's the abusive spouse syndrome. The democrats will make many of their constituents believe that the very people who took their freedoms, are now their keeper, helper and life-support.

They have turned us into merchandise and are exploiting us for their gain. And many people have joined with and support the democrats in doing this, because they don't want to be spoken bad of. But, read 2 Peter 2, dear brothers and sisters in Christ, the Lord will handle them quickly.

Debra J.M. Smith - 03-04-10

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 Debra J.M. Smith