Reconciliation on Health Care & The Exploitation of The American People‏

A very well written article over at the Washington Post sums up the situation with Obama's plan to push his health care through, using the reconciliation process.

The author of the article, Orrin Hatch, points out that the reconciliation process was created for budget reasons. He quotes Democrat Robert Byrd, as having said, "I was one of the authors of the legislation that created the budget 'reconciliation' process in 1974, and I am certain that putting health-care reform . . . legislation on a freight train through Congress is an outrage that must be resisted."
Orrin Hatch goes on to quote Democrat Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, as having said, "I don't believe reconciliation was ever intended for the purpose of writing this kind of substantive reform legislation." Click Here

On another related note: While Obama is pushing this through, Pelosi is telling Democrats not to worry about the next elections, in so many words saying that the health care bill being passed is more important than Democrats getting re-elected. Oh but we are not supposed to believe that there is some sinister reason behind this health care bill being passed.

Pelosi doesn't care that the people don't want it. Clearly if the people wanted it, then there would be no threat to so many Democrats' positions. But are we to believe that this overbearing, out of control, power hungry witch is okay with losing her position as Speaker of The House? I don't think so. Clearly she knows the bargaining tool that they will have if this passes before the up-coming mid-term elections.

And what is that bargaining tool? ...people's very lives, their health. The Democrats will then use the health care plan, claiming that the Republicans will do, this, that and the other thing, if they gain control of it. And the same people who fell for the lies in 2008, will fall for the new ones and trust that Democrats will do better in control. Truly, 2 Peter 2:3 is happening before our eyes. They have turned us into merchandise and are exploiting us for their gain. But, read on in that chapter, dear brothers and sisters in Christ, the Lord will handle them quickly

Debra J.M. Smith - 03-04-10

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 Debra J.M. Smith