Woman Boasts of  Aborting Baby On YouTube 

A Florida news source has reported that a 27 year old single mother, took an abortion pill at four weeks pregnant and talked about in on youtube, while it was happening.

The woman, who is clearly shaking her fist at the Lord, wants us all to believe that she has been using birth control, due to being at high risk of death if she has to carry a baby to full term. Yet the SINGLE woman cannot keep her knees closed or get a hysterectomy: Click Here --Who knows if any of her story is true. She may just be another attention seeking nut.

The following is what I posted on the woman's youtube page. The post goes missing and then comes back.

You say for people to have a "Great and Godless day." Then you say, "Peace." You won't have peace, till you have peace with the One who made you.

The answer to not having a high-risk pregnancy isn't birth control, it is knee control. Or get a hysterectomy.

It is a lack of education that you don't know when life begins. When there is cell growth, multiplication and or division, there's life. In order to abort, the baby had to be killed, hence he was alive. --Was

Debra J.M. Smith - 03-02-10

Update: I said, "hysterectomy." But, I was meaning to say "tubes tied."

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 Debra J.M. Smith