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My Post On The Dick Morris Site

The following was posted on the Dick Morris website. The subject was the health care summit and the health care bill being pushed through: Click Here

My congresswoman, Louise Slaughter, along with wanting us to pay for a woman's dentures, spoke of the need to pass this bill to increase exporting of goods to other countries.

I have yet to hear anyone talk on that part of Louise Slaughter's summit speech. She said, in so many words, that this is needed to lower the cost of our goods, for foreign trade. Of course this is ridiculous. However some are saying that congress can do this under the commerce clause. --I kid you not. And of course congress cannot take over an industry, in an attempt to make American products less expensive for foreign countries.

Oh, my word, if they really wanted to lower the cost of our products, then they would lower taxes on American industries. Hey, what a concept!

But we know that that all they are really wanting is the power. It is a sick and freak thing, but that is what people like Louise Slaughter want. They want to feel the power over the people. They are quite literally freaky little people.

They do not really care about a woman who is having to wear her dead sister's dentures, which was the sob story that Louise Slaughter told at the summit. If she cared that much, she'd have bought the lady a set of teeth. And she sure as heck would not expect us all to pay for them. I called Louise Slaughter's office, after hearing about this and told the woman to tell Louise Slaughter, that I don't want to pay for that woman's teeth. I want to pay my own bills!

We found out just how much these people want to help the poor, when they put in the bill that people will be THROWN IN JAIL if they do not pay into the government health "insurance" plan! What is that?

Nancy and Louise and Obama and the others expect us to believe that they feel so badly for people who are losing their homes because of high medical bills, when they are fine with tossing those people in JAIL??? umm... I think they will lose their homes if they are sitting in jail! Jeepers! Do they think we are stupid???

Louise Slaughter

And what about the homeless? Is congress going to take over the housing industry next and all of our homes, because there are people who do not have homes. How DARE we have homes, while people are homeless! Where are our hearts!

What about those who do not have enough to eat? Are the grocery stores next on congress's take over list? Louise Slaughter cannot tell me that we are to believe that she cares about a woman wearing her dead sister's teeth, but does not care about the child going hungry on the streets. This all, while congress voted themselves yet another raise!!!

Well I have news for those power-hungry liberals in congress. They are not given the power to take care of the personal welfare of the individual citizens in this country! There job is to govern the United States, as per the U.S. Constitution instructs them to. They derive their power FROM us. They do NOT have power OVER us! And their power is to do a job FOR us!

I for one, will be working diligently to get someone else in as my congressperson and both of my senators too!

I left the following post on Louise Slaughter's YouTube page that has her summit meeting speech:

1 – The U.S. Constitution does not give Congress the power to take over health care.

2 – Taking over health care is NOT the answer to lowering the cost of our exports, in an effort to increase sales to foreign markets.

3 – The redistribution of money, with the hopes of paying for a woman’s dentures, is stealing.

4 – There is no dental coverage in the health care bill.

5 – Discussing the health care bill contents, is not nit-picking. It is wise, responsible and very informing.

Debra J.M. Smith - 02-26-10

PS... And for the record, talking about the health care bill is not "nit-picking" as Louise Slaughter so rudely referred to it being. Shame on her, for so many reasons!

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