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                Nothing like coming to America in order to change America   

                  American Bar Association Recognizes Shariah Law‏


The motto for the ABA (American Bar Association) is "Defending Liberty and Pursuing Justice." But where is the liberty and justice for Christians?

A March of 2008 ABA article states, "As the Muslim population increases, it is becoming increasingly important for lawyers and the judiciary alike to try to understand the mysteries of the Islamic faith and address legal issues that specifically arise out of Islamic culture and beliefs."

Last I knew religious matters were handled by whatever religion it was under, not this country's judicial system. Of course this is unless something actually fell under a law of the land.

The article says, "While some religions allow its followers to easily segregate their 'worldly' life from 'spiritual/religious' life, Islam has failed to follow suit. A Muslimís day-to-day life is intricately intertwined with his or her religious beliefs and teachings. A separation of the two is not only difficult but virtually impossible."

I don't know about other religions, but true biblical Christianity is not a faith that is to be practiced only here and there. Scripture is clear that the Holy Spirit lives inside of the born again believer, that we are a new creation in Christ and that we are to do all things unto the Lord. This would include having nothing to do with evil works of darkness. And yet our government, which has a constitution that protects us from being penalized for practicing our faith beliefs, now does just that, by way of anti-discrimination laws that punish us for discriminating against people of other faiths and or lifestyles that go against our God.

The article goes as far as to imply that selling Muslim women into marriage is simply the giving of a "gift" to the bride's family.

Perhaps the most telling part of the article is right in the beginning of it, where it gives the reason for the increased court cases, involving Muslims in America. It says, "This is partly due to immigration from countries that apply the shariah, and also because second generation Muslims and converts are now more confidently asserting their legal rights." Why allow people to come to America, if they want to live as they did in their old country and only seek to change America! And they have no more legal rights than the rest of us have. And we have just as many as they have. So where are we protected in this way?

It is odd to have a funny spot in such an article, but low-and-behold, there is just that. Check it out, "While no American Muslim expects any legislator to implement or codify the shariah, a basic understanding has become imperative as American Muslims continue to lead their lives in accordance with the mandates of the Quíran, hadiths, and shariah." --Not only is the author of this piece totally off base here, believing there to be no American Muslim who would want to to implement shariah law, by way of legislation, but it is an absolute oxymoron to in one breath say they would not want to, but then in the next breath say they are living their lives in accordance with it: Click Here

Debra J.M. Smith - © 02-23-11

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