John Stossel argues in favor of choice, competition in schooling of American kids
Education: Too important for a government monopoly


World Net Daily (WND) John Stossel Article Excerpt:  The government-school establishment has said the same thing for decades: Education is too important to leave to the competitive market. If we really want to help our kids, we must focus more resources on the government schools.

But despite this mantra, the focus is on something other than the kids. When the Washington Post asked George Parker, head of the Washington, D.C., teachers union, about the voucher program there, he said: "Parents are voting with their feet. ... As kids continue leaving the system, we will lose teachers. Our very survival depends on having kids in D.C. schools so we'll have teachers to represent."

How revealing is that? 

DJMS Commentary: For many years, I have said that public schools and teachers believe that we have children, to give public school employees jobs. And I find it shocking that there are still people who do not understand that the government will do anything for a buck and a vote.

We are currently seeing the government trying to turn Grandma's gallbladder surgery into a voting bargaining chip, just as it has used Junior's education for decades. It's a type of ransom. First they take over, that which is not rightly theirs to take. Then the games begin. "You want your free surgery, then vote for me and pay this much more in taxes." "You want your child's free education, then vote for me and pay this much more in taxes." But when it comes right down to it, you pay more in taxes and get less than adequate of whatever the government is handing out for "free."

Well, I am here to tell you some good news, dear brothers and sisters in Christ. It is written that God will always show us a way out of our troubles. You see, your children were not created to give anyone a job. You can count on it, that God will show you a way to school your children, outside of your public school.

One of my purposes in my activism work is to get the word out about home schooling, as many of you have already seen. If you are in the Lord, then you are more than equipped to school your own children. I am walking, talking proof that public schooled students who did not receive a good education in public schools, can grow up to school their own children at home and get a very good education themselves, in the process.

As most of my readers know, my daughters were very successfully educated at home. My oldest has a degree in biochemistry and is currently in grad school on a National Science Foundation fellowship. My youngest is in her third year of college, working on a chemistry degree. This is all to God's glory, because as most of my readers also know, I am far from Miss Scholar. From my typos and spelling errors alone, not to mention my constant over-use of commas, I cannot hide my imperfections. But that is exactly what I want people to know, that one does not have to be a scholar, to educate one's own children. One simply needs the Lord.

For the record, the socializing issue, is not an issue at all. Ask yourself this. When will your children, as adults, ever be in a room, daily, with thirty other people their exact ages? If anything, schooling your children at home, more accurately prepares them for real life. And the benefits of the family-ties, are immeasurable. What relationships matter most to you, now that you are an adult?

Pull your kids out of public school. Take charge of your children's education, whether you private school them or home school them. But take charge and be very active in their lives. They need you, not some heathen liberal, who views your child as a paycheck.

Debra J.M. Smith 02-17-10

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