It's Not Just About A Place of Birth
Why Proof of Presidential Qualification Should Exist


While there are a number of conservatives jumping ship on the presidential qualification issue, there are still many on board. 

For me, personally, I don't care if it does turn out that Obama was born in Hawaii. His father was not born here, hence he is not a "natural" born citizen. Please note, that a contract is a meeting of the minds; so it is that which it meant to our founding fathers, at the time of the signing of that contract, the constitution, which matters. Also, we the people cannot, should not ignore the fact that Obama went to school in Indonesia, a country that did not allow dual citizenship and yet required citizenship for children to school there at the time that Obama did just that.

There is a reason that our founding fathers had certain requirements laid out in the constitution for a person to have to meet in order to become the president of the United States. And this is just that reason, that we need someone loyal to our country, not to another country, or in Obama's case, the rest of the world, with the one exception of Israel.

Is the next president going to be the son of an illegal immigrant, but hey, as long as he was born here? Perhaps it is time that we do clarify things. It is time that each state takes on the responsibility to their citizens, to make sure that anyone on a presidential ballot, qualifies.

This is not just an Obama issue. This is just as much a Romney issue. Romney's father was born in Mexico, and not for any reason that would have still made him an American citizen. It was because Romney's grandfather was a polygamist, who moved there and set up residency there. Hence Romney's father was not born in America either. Hence, Romney does not qualify to be president, either. I believe that this is the reason why so many conservatives are jumping ship on the qualification situation of Obama and on a whole.

Here is the bottom line. We have a right to expect our states to only allow qualified people to run on our ballots for president. And we have a right to request the information, via the FOIA - Freedom of Information Act. All of this secrecy over Obama's actual birth certificate has proven, at the very least, one thing; we the people have a right to see proof. We also have a right to expect our laws to prevent, just anyone from coming into our nation, giving birth, and having that child grow up and become Commander and Chief!

There is a lot of division happening within conservatives over the qualification issue. As I said, I believe a lot of the division stems from the Romney issue and the trickling down, there of. However, there are also people who are scared to be called a "birther" or to be looked at as "crazy." And THIS is how the liberals keep getting away with things. The liberals know what buttons to push to get some conservatives to play to the liberal's tune. It is just so shocking to think that some conservatives allow liberals (which includes Rhinos) to have so much control over them.

For the record, we surely can handle fighting this issue, along with the many other issues. If someone does not want to be on board with this, fine, but such a person should not go after those of us who stay on it. And I would like someone to tell me, just how continuing to battle this issue is going to hurt true conservatives in the up coming elections. Some people need to step back and see that they are being played.

Debra J.M. Smith 02-16-10

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 Debra J.M. Smith