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                                    The Homosexual Invasion of The Conservative Movement


This seems like such a no-brain thing to understand. The homosexual movement is not a conservative one and should not be attending CPAC. That's where this article should end. But it doesn't.

We have Ann Coulter comparing homosexuality to not tithing, while saying everyone has sinned and claiming homosexuals are "natural conservatives." Then there is Sarah Palin suggesting that homosexuals are just people who think differently than we do. But it doesn't stop there, Andrew Breitbart, who often speaks at Tea Parties, up and threw a party in their honor. These three people have no problem with the homosexual group, GOProud, attending CPAC

Of course it comes as no surprise to me that Ann Coulter would swing this way, so-to-say, all things considered. And, no I am not meaning the possibility that she might be one. I am referring to her speaking at a GOProud event last year. And I suppose that I should not be too shocked that Sarah Palin would come up with some lame excuse that would in her mind, justify her possibly attending something that also has the homosexual group at it. But that Andrew Breitbart throwing a party for them, is just ick. That is a bit of a sick shock to this conservative Christian gal.

There is no doubt that we are seeing a great separation, one that the Bible speaks of happening in the end times. It is as if the accepting of homosexuals is the litmus test to top all litmus tests. Clearly what Satan means for evil, God means for good. So while these homosexuals are worming their way into eveyrthing, they are actually showing those of us who really do love the Lord, who to and who not to trust.

Though Andrew Breitbart's homo-party is the most shock here, it is Ann Coulter who did the worst, in my opinion. Ann Coulter's words could lead people astray and confuse them greatly where the word of God is considered. It is like where Satan said to Eve, "Are you sure that is what God said!"

Scripture is very clear that certain types of people will not be in heaven. Scripture then lists types of people that include sexually sinful people. Then scripture says that such were some of those who were being spoken to that were now saved. The reason they were being told this, was because a backslidden Christian can fall to any temptation. The way we know the difference between the wicked and a backslidden Christian is that the wicked is committed to sin, it is what he is, he practices it, he is cool with it and goes-with-it; whereas the backslidden Christian is committed to the Lord and does not like his sin.

We also see in First Cor. 5 Paul speaking to a church about a man who was sexually sinfully wicked. The man claimed to be a brother, but was not. Paul told that church to put that wicked man out from among them. Now, according to Ann Coulter, Paul was wrong for that because everyone in that church had sinned, and some might not have been tithing at that time.

There is a huge difference between a child of God's working out his salvation (meaning God's work in the believer who has been saved by Grace in Christ Jesus) and the wicked who goes-with his sin and has no desire to come out of his sin. One is in the Lord and the other is not. One is of the Lord, the other is of this world.

First Cor. 5 speaks of people in that church who were like Ann Coulter when it says, "And ye are puffed up, and have not rather mourned, that he that hath done this deed might be taken away from among you." --This is not to say that Ann Coulter is a true believer, just that some people who are, cop that same puffed up attitude.

Bottom line: I believe that that Sarah Palin has just slid a little further down her political slip n slide, and Andrew Breitbart has shown his true rainbow colors. But Ann Coulter has shown that she is so puffed up and believes she has arrived to a new platform of superiority over the common Christian American conservative. And I believe that homosexuals have done wormed their way into the conservative movement. We either cut CPAC off and all who support such foolishness, or we go down with them.

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Debra J.M. Smith -  02-14-11

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 Debra J.M. Smith