Evolution Belief Forced On Christian College Students
We Need More Christians In The Medical World


With all the talk about health care and the need for more doctors and better doctors, I have the following to say on it all.

We need universities to stop the major pushing of evolution on students who have faith-belief convictions against such teachings, so that more Christians will enter into the medical field, on all levels.

I have two daughters who are in the sciences. One is an undergrad, the other is a grad student on an NSF fellowship, working on research.

My daughters have been very blessed, in that they have been very respected in the private university that they did/do attend for their undergrad years. Even the professor that my oldest daughter is currently studying under in a private grad school program, is very kind to her on this issue. (Note, that my youngest went to a state college for her first year, and there was one problem after another.)

Not all creationists have it as well as my daughters have been treated in private main-stream universities, and I am sure there are very few such good situations in state universities. Not all main stream universities have such a creationist friendly environment. Also, if the undergrad is in a main-stream premed undergraduate program, he/she can count on having to take an entire course in evolution.

Because of the forced evolution on pre-med students and on so many students in the sciences, many born again Christians shy away from such fields. Not only does this cause an overall shortage in the fields, it causes a shortage of God's children in the fields.

One more thought on this: I don't know about you all who are reading this, but I would like to think that the person slicing me open for surgery, knows that there is a God and that I am not just an animal that appeared out of nothingness.

Debra J.M. Smith 02-12-10

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 Debra J.M. Smith