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                  My Thoughts On The Former Congressman Chris Lee (R) New York Stepping Down


I do have to say that I have a little different view after sleeping on it.

I left a message on his district phone today. I have a few times spoken with a man who works for him, as I am just side-ways of his district. He is the 26th and I am in the 28th.

I feel it was an overreaction, stepping down from his office.

A computer is in your home, and as such, there is an amount of safety that a person feels doing something with it. It can also feel like what you are doing is just pretend, not real. It is not the same as actually meeting a person and doing such. The intent of the heart really can be much different over a computer, than in life off of the computer.

Was what Chris Lee did wrong? Yes, but it was not illegal and he did not meet with the woman in person. What he did is a personal matter between him and his wife and children. Surprise he is human and did a stupid thing.

It was actually more dangerous to his district before the picture was made public, as it could have been used as a blackmail tool.

He would have been better off, just admitting that he had done a stupid thing, thrown the home computer out of the window and moved on from there.

But I have one question:

Why? Why oh why why why??? Why could it not have been my congresswoman, Louise Slaughter, who sent the topless picture to the 34 year old hot-to-trot trottie!

This is just not fair!

New York resident in district 28

Debra J.M. Smith -  02-10-11

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 Debra J.M. Smith