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                           Blessed Is The Man Who Does Not Take Council From The Ungodly


Most born again believers in Christ would not go to a church that teaches a false gospel. We would not want to take council from the ungodly. Yet many in the Lord's church tend to miss the teaching on not taking council from the ungodly, when it comes to every-day life.

If I am about to cross the street and someone yells, "Look out!" I am not going to stand there and yell back, "Hey, what's your take on the gospel!" When I am about to be cashed out at the grocery store, I don't say, "Wait a minute, how do you feel about end time prophecy!" And my measurement for my current events sources is not researching which hosts out there are true born again believers in the Lord.

However, if the person who warned me of the oncoming truck, afterwards said to me, "Praise Allah, you didn't get killed!" I am going to let all dialect stop right there. And if that cashier begins preaching to me about the Arch Angel Michael being Jesus Christ, I am going to clear my throat and ask her not to squish my bread and to be careful not to dent my cans. Likewise, if my current events source breaks out one night with telling the audience, that his faith belief says to store up a years worth of food in a warehouse (so-to-say), I am going to change the channel.

When people cross the line to teaching something contrary to the true word of God, that is the time to cut that person right off and as much as possible, avoid that person. This is scriptural. If someone adds to or subtracts from the gospel of Jesus Christ or lies about any other aspect of the word of God or claims something is the word of God or above the word of God, that is not a person to take any type of council from. Know scripture and know what is not scriptural. And know who and who not to take council from. Blessed is the man who does not take council from the ungodly

Debra J.M. Smith -  02-09-11

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 Debra J.M. Smith