AOL Buys The Huffington Post


AOL has been struggling to get back to its once mega status, ever since Time Warner drove it into the ground years ago. Now it appears that AOL thinks purchasing the Huffington Post will be just the thing to do it.

Though Time Warner no longer owns the online server, AOL still suffers greatly. If I could make a suggestion to America On-line, I would suggest that they go back to service in America. Outsourcing their call centers to "Bob" in India is what I believe did AOL in.

If an American company that bears the name, "America" does not care enough about its American customers to give them Americans to deal with on the phone, then it deserves all the struggles it gets.

I wish that I could say I wish AOL well, but I don't.

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Debra J.M. Smith -  02-07-11

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 Debra J.M. Smith