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Mass. Scott Brown Is Pro Choice: You can imagine how ticked I am. I had no idea that this man who calls himself a Protestant Christian Republican, is pro abortion. I found this out in an email from Brian Camenker of MassResistance: Click Here 


Mortgage lenders pursue homeowners after foreclosure: Could you imagine, first losing your home, then having it sold to someone else, and then having the bank that took your home, coming after you for the difference in the money that they received for it: Click Here

Did You See This CNN News Man That Spoke Out Against Nancy Pelosi:
Oh, if you have not seen this video, you have to see it to the end: Click Here

Nancy Pelosi Busted: Yep, the news is out that lil miss big bucks, who wants the rest of us to live in a socialistic economy had family members flown here and there, at the American tax-payer expense. They flew in military jets, for millions of our dollars: Click Here

Naughty Boy John Edwards Blames His Wife: That's right! As if this naughty boy has not done bad enough. He now has a close friend, blaming his wife for his lies. Yes, sir, it was all her fault, because she wanted to be first lady: Click Here

Reuters Pulls Obama Back Door Tax Article:
Jimmy Z of The Jimmy Z Show, scooped the article up, and just in time: Click Here

Talk About G.I. Blues - Homosexuals Out and In The Military: Click Here

Obama Budget &  After The Fact: I just had to laugh at Obama's curbing spending speech that came after the announcement of his budget that breaks all history records. Does he think people who voted for him have no brain cells left to figure this all out? Hey! Good luck with that, Obama!

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 Debra J.M. Smith