Pinocchio's Pleasure Island Has Come To America 
It's where the lazy, naughty, and immoral go.

The song goes, "Hey diddly dee, it's Pleasure Island for me, where every day is a holiday, and kids have nothing to do but play." They were told that they could loaf around, that there would be plenty to eat, plenty to drink, and that it was all free. And they could be naughty all they wanted to be. So off the boys went with the wolf.

Off they went to Pleasure Island, cheering the whole way their, anticipating that they would soon have everything they ever wanted life to be.

The handouts began the minute they arrived. There were places set up, just for being naughty, no one to say "That's wrong" or "Don't do that." It was an immoral paradise, with no reigns to hold them back from anything they wanted to do. There was no one there to stop them, no one there to get in their way.

There was no one there to help them when the doors closed, either.

The man who ordered the doors closed and locked said to himself, "Give a bad-boy enough rope, and he'll soon make a jackass of himself." And that's exactly what happened. The next thing you know, the naughty boys were turning into donkeys and being put into crates to be sold into forced labor. The promises made to them became the rope that would now hold them in bondage.

Pleasure Island has come to America, as have the lazy, the naughty, and the immoral. --We call them Democrats.  

Debra J.M. Smith 02-04-13


 Debra J.M. Smith