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     The Safey of All at Town Hall Meetings - Not Just Some


In a FOX news interview, Speaker of The House, John Boehner said there are steps that are in place for congressional officials to use to keep them and their staff members safe, while meeting with constituents. And he said that responsible members use them. However, then he turned around and said that he and others did not believe that using security measures would have stopped the Gifford's incident from occurring.

The security issue is not only for congressional members and their staff. Security is for all who attend the events. It appears that the little guy and gal are getting lost in this.

Security is very needed and should always be in place when congressional members meet with a crowd. To me this is just basic common sense. And with all due respect to John Boehner, I believe wholehearted that had there been security at the event in AZ, lives would have been saved. 

And the answer is not to avoid meeting with constituents, as my congresswoman, Louise Slaughter does. The answer is to use one's brain and resources to meet in a safe manner.

Debra J.M. Smith -  02-04-11

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 Debra J.M. Smith