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It is amazing what can change in one lifetime!

Homosexuals Openly In The Military
Feb. 03, 2010


Pentagon Begins Process to Allow Homosexuals into US Military: The top U.S. military officer has endorsed President Barack Obama's desire to integrate open homosexuals into the U.S. military. Click Here

DJMS Commentary: Another part of American history is gone. This is the death of our military, as we know it. Not even our military is off limits to these perverts. They are a cancer... 

This will mean that heterosexuals are going to have to shower, bunk and share bathrooms with homosexuals. And eventually transgenders will insist on dressing as they wish to and going in opposite sex bathrooms, showers, and bunks.

This will also mean that all heterosexuals will risk getting sued for discrimination, now that homosexuals will be known.

This will also mean nasty homosexual behavior in the military and a massive spread of AIDS among our troops.

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 Debra J.M. Smith