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                                    Easter 2031 Asteroid – Sensationalism – A Need For Hope


There’s a reason that so many people look to the government for hope. That reason is “The lack there of.” 

It is an innate condition of the human psyche' to survive, and as a result we migrate towards that which we believe will keep us that way. This is where “hope” comes in, as oppose to fear and despair.     

When a person is freefalling, he will grab out to anything that’s there. The falling person does not give any time to think about if what he is reaching out to is actually connected to anything of good solid substance.

There is a story going around about an asteroid named Apophis that is heading our way and expected to pass by earth on Easter, 2031. The story goes that a Russian scientist, by the name of, Leonid Sokolov of St. Petersburg State University, calculates the asteroid will pass within 18,000 miles of us. And of course no great science fiction movie would be complete, unless there is the fear of mass destruction, perhaps even the end of the human race.

The story, which is laced with such fear, ever so cleverly works in that the asteroid really does not hold that much potential, even if it were to hit earth. But nonetheless, it sets the foundation for another Al Gore to jump in and save the day, by calling on much of our monetary resources to fight this galactic “War With The Space Rocks!”


Now, let’s get back to that “Hope VS Fear” thing. We find true hope in the bible, as well as true answers. For instance, looking into scripture, we see that there has to be an earth here for Jesus to come back to and people too. We also see that everyone is appointed a time to leave this earth and go to heaven or hell (whichever the case may be.) So, as a believer in Christ, isn’t it a bit silly to spend time fearing an asteroid? –Yes, it surely is. But what about the nonbelievers? Exactly. And there lies the true problem.


Nonbelievers have no hope from the Lord. They are freefalling, so to say. And they reach out to anything and give no mind to what is at the other end of that which they are reaching out to.


Some would say to pay no mind to such fearful people. Well, that would be fine, except for the fact that they affect the rest of us with what they get congress to do with their latest fear. So, though we do not need to fear the asteroid, we do need to be on the watch for those who do fear it and seek to make our lives all about their latest fight with the universe.

Debra J.M. Smith - © 02-01-11

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© Debra J.M. Smith