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                       Egypt - Taking Up Arms - Protecting Their Own


Their country is falling apart, and all most of them have are bats, long pieces of wood and knives to protect their own with. The pictures are horrifying, with the riots going on. Many people are behaving like animals, breaking into businesses and homes and just taking whatever they want and harming anyone who gets in their way.

The Egyptian government that could not have cared any less before, sure as anything do not care about the citizens at this time either. 

I believe that we are seeing a combination of reactions to Egypt's dictatorship government. Some people are rioting, while others are revolting. And then there are some that are fueling the flames, in hopes of picking up that which is left of the nation and taking it over.

But in the mean time the people who are not doing anything, have been left to defend their own, with what appears to be very little.

Besides the obvious lesson to be learned by what is happening in Egypt, to not allow a dictator to take over to begin with, there are two other things to be learned. We who are U.S. citizens can see very clearly why we have the right to bear arms. And the people in our government can see very clearly why they need to get back in check.

Debra J.M. Smith -  01-31-11

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 Debra J.M. Smith