Liar Liar
John Edwards Admits Baby's His
January 22, 2010

John Edwards finally admitted that the baby born to his mistress, is his.

There is an investigation that is now going on, to get to the truth on whether or not John Edwards used campaign money to cover-up the affair. He has denied wrong doing.

He denied the affair, got caught and said, "Sorry."

He then denied the child, got caught and said, "Sorry."

Can we expect the same will happen with his denial of having used campaign money to cover-up the affair?

I mean, how can anyone believe a word that he says?

I suppose, we will soon see pictures of Edwards, dressed all frumpy, sneaking out of a liars-anonymous clinic. I mean after all, there is no such thing as sin anymore, only mental illnesses!


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 Debra J.M. Smith