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January 21, 2011    

Rep. Louse Slaughter         
3120 Federal Building            
100 State Street            
Rochester, NY 14614  

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter:        

In response to the Arizona tragedy, you said that you plan to look into a way to better police language on the airways.           

We all know that your suggestion is unconstitutional, as the implication is that you desire a law that would infringe on the people's free speech. However, there might actually be something to what you said. And may I suggest that you lead by example and let it begin with you.     

Perhaps you could address congress and publicly apologize for referring to a group of your constituents as "those people," and saying on the airway, that it was "beneath the dignity" of your office to meet with them. Or should I say, "Us."    

There was media coverage about the health care meeting that I held in our district, due to your refusal to hold one yourself. You were being questioned about why you refused to meet with us.

Congresswoman, there were many walks of life at that meeting, business owners, skilled employees, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, moms and dads, teachers, students from a local college that has a building bearing your name on it, even the daughter of a federal employee who retired from the very federal building that you currently have an office in. It appears that you have placed standards on your office that are out of reach for the people. --The people own your office, and you have no right to put it out of reach and above the people.

You are a congressional representative. You set the tone. And when you insulted an entire group of people, the tone that you set was not a good one. You placed a huge wedge between you and your constituents when you made that comment. You need to apologize. You are not just anyone out there in the world insulting people. You are a congresswoman. Your actions affect people's lives. So, yes, police some language on the airways, your own.

Debra J.M. Smith


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