Trashy Trashy Trashy
Trashy Cindy McCain
Stands With The Homo-Agenda
January 21, 2010


I know what you are saying, "That is NOT Cindy McCain." Well, yes it is. It is a severely airbrushed Cindy McCain, but it is her.

It seems that she is going to add one more thing to her list of trashy behavior in her, nearly 56 years of being on this earth.

I never saw her as anything to be respected. What bugged me the most about Cindy McCain is that she owns a beer company. It was left to her by her father. She should shut it down. Beer drinking has, does and will continue to contribute to countless deaths and ruined lives in this country. Anyone who promotes the sale of beer, is just wrong.

And now, she is publicly promoting homosexual marriage. Not only is it a lie and not respecting the legal system in California, it is so disrespectful to her husband.

John McCain has gone on record as saying that a marriage is between a man and woman. And here is his wife, publicly saying otherwise.

She is trashy!


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 Debra J.M. Smith