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How Do Lies Get Started On The Internet - A Sample
Did I actually email "Profanity-laced" emails to someone?


The man, we will call him, Pino, said that he has received "Profanity-laced" emails and named yours-truly as an example of someone who has sent him such. Let me know what you think after reading our email exchange, posted below.

My email was in response to his. He googled my name and found negative things said about me on the net. So he descided to add to that load of garbage with one of his own. Maybe he wants to ride on my name. Though to listen to him, he has tens-of-thousands of listeners. I'm thinking lying comes very easily to him.

You will notice that I don't give him what he wanted, a fight. So he made one up. The exchange is below. And as you will see, I pretty much have come to expect this foolisness and mocked his threat. But I want to show how this stuff happens.

Pino wrote: I am trying to figure this out, why do you hate me so much?  Jut because I read the Bible as is and not with added man made doctrine, you tell me I do not know my savior?  You claim no one is listening to my show, and you remember a few weeks ago my show was #4 in Conservative News and politics?  Now it is #3 and it was in the #2 spot for the past 3 days and I have not done a show in 3 days.  Everytime I do a show now I pray to Yahshua to speak through me and give honest analysis to my listeners, and Yahweh has, I feel blessed the show, the apostle Paul even said those who do the work of Yahshua woud be under persecution.  Yahshua said it himself as well.  Ever since I have been kind to you, you feel you need to attack me, please explain this to me.

Debra wrote: I don't hate you.

Pino wrote: so when someone purposefully makes inaccurate hurtful statements in the spirit to hurt another person what is that? 

Debra wrote: That would simply be, being mean. 

Pino wrote: well apparently you do a good job at being mean, when you do a google search for debrajmsmith you see more people whom you have harmed as opposed to help.  I would suggest reading the parable of the talents

Debra wrote: I would suggest growing up.

Pino wrote: Well I do not have as many people whom hate me as they do you, so maybe the problem is not every body else Debra......just a thought.  

Debra wrote: As I said, grow up.

Pino wrote: You know I am right, and so I will read those blogs people had written about you on my show, btw we are up to 120,000 weekly listeners now.  

Debra wrote: Just make sure that you get my website address correct, so that they will know who you are talking about. It is www.InformingChristians.com, also known as www.DebraJMSmith.com

You wouldn't want people to think you made that "Debra Smith" person up. :o)

And when you are done covering all of the negative stories told about me on the internet, you can start on the negative stories about Rush Limbaugh.

Have fun.

Pino wrote: The difference between you and Rush is the fact that people who hate Rush are crazy and all over the place, but when they talk of you, they all say the same thing, everyone has had the same experience of you.  And I am not as dumb as you I am not gonna plug your website.  It is interesting cause in the pages and pages of people whom you have spat on, they have all had the same experience I have had with you, but then again that must be that "christian nature".  I was right when I first said, you hated the Jews.

Debra wrote: Actually, they are all heathens, just like you. --And for the record, I stand with Israel. But my hope is for each one of them to come to be truly saved.

If you don't plug my site, how will they know who you are ripping on?

Debra wrote: Profanity laced?

So among other things, you are a liar.

Our entire email exchange, which you began, is below. Not that any of my readers will know who you are, but considering that some of your listeners (one of whom contacted me about your comment) are checking out my site, I will post the entire exchange, including this email, on my website. This is so that they can see that you lied on your radio show, saying that my emails were laced with profanity.

And there will be audio on the page with our email exchange. I will play your lie on my site and show, at least for your listeners, just what your heathen ways lead to.

You are a pity.

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