Liberal College Professors Are Who Need To "Tone It Down"
Radical Liberal College Professor Diverts Blame For Arizona Shootings


An out-spoken Pennsylvania liberal lesbian, who is constantly in the paper, spewing her liberal hate for anyone that is conservative and has Bill Ayers listed as a "friend" on Face Book, teaches in a PA university. Well, technically Bill Ayers teaches in an Illinois University. --so what the heck.

Her name is Wendy Lynne Lee. And true to her form, she has gone after the conservatives over the Arizona shootings. This is amidst the newest information that has come out, telling of the Bill Ayers having a connection to the high school that the shooter went to. It has a little something to do with training. Yes, the known bomber that got off on a technicality actually has something to do with training schools to work with America's kids

It makes me wonder if the real reason the liberals went after conservatives over the Arizona shootings, has more to do with their own guilt and their desire to divert attention away from themselves. A lady who lives locally near to Wendy Lynne Lee, responded to the latest attack on conservatives by the out-spoken professor. I thought that you'd all enjoy reading it. It is right below here. And has some great info in it
. Great job, Rebecca!

Note: Rebecca brings out an excellent point that the shooter's question to the congresswoman in 2007 was "pre" tea party and Sarah Palin.

Killer programmed by liberal profs


Ms. Lee (letter, Jan. 13), the shooting that took place in Arizona was indeed horrifying. What has followed is quite possibly, just as horrifying for our country. Political pundits on the left rushed swiftly to create a hostile environment for anyone on the right who has ever spoken out to advocate for our Constitutional rights. Blaming the right for the actions of a mentally deranged individual is inexcusable. Ms. Lee, you are more dangerous in your role than any of the individuals or groups you mentioned. You are no different from the Pima County Sheriff, eager to cast the blame away from his direction.

This mentally ill young man (witnesses and acquaintances have told of his mental instability) was allowed to live unfettered in that community because LAW ENFORCEMENT chose to look the other way. Why? Because his mother was a fellow county employee? He was repeatedly allowed to walk away from arrests without a mark against his name. Background checks required for the purchase of weapons produced nothing, because his record was protected.

The Sheriff of Pima County has blood on his hands. Knowing that Loughner was mentally unstable, it was the legal obligation of that department to refer him to a mental health professional/facility. No referral was ever made. If the law enforcement officials of Pima County, Arizona, had done their jobs, he would NOT have been allowed to buy a weapon or ammunition. The sheriff immediately launched into a blame game on the "Right" because he needed to cast the blame away from his official inactions/failures.

Yes, Jared Loughner was a suggestible young man. After asking Congresswoman Giffords a question in a public forum in 2007 ("pre" tea party and Sarah Palin) and not receiving what he considered to be an adequate answer, he targeted her. Those who know Loughner say he didn't watch television or listen to the radio and he was an atheist.

Facts show that he was a left-wing philosophy professor's PERFECT STUDENT. I submit to you that the classroom where he sat was where he was the most suggestible. He is said to have had no political leanings either way, but he was subjected to listening to liberal ideology in his college philosophy classroom.

If you insist on placing the blame on politics, blame the politics of our liberal universities where our young people are being taunted and challenged to be violent in the name of "social justice." It's not hard to see how this suggestible young man got the idea to take this action. Philosophy professors who continue to present these "acceptable" violent remedies to students in defense of liberal ideologies are responsible (Frances Fox Piven). These "professors" call it "critical thinking", but that is only considered "successful" if the student "converts" to the professors' ideology.

Ms. Lee, the reason that Nidal Hasan was labeled a terrorist is because he killed as part of a religious jihad which he had planned and documented. His contacts with other jihadists and the documentation that has been obtained to support his religious training that led to his killing of "infidels" is irrefutable. He most definitely is a terrorist. Loughner had no religious beliefs or political leanings. He was a blank slate, possibly programmed to action, but not by the political "Right".

I can hardly wait to read your explanation of other mass murderers (all very suggestible individuals) and the Republican influence that ruled their decisions to kill. It is more likely that killers Charles Whitman, Gary Gilmore, Richard Speck, and the shooters at Columbine and other campuses, while admittedly deranged, were philosophy students rather than Right Wing Extremists.

Briar Creek Township

                                                             Special thanks to Evy Lysk for the facebook information.

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