Where Will This All End 
Liberalism in America

If there is enough time before the Rapture, I believe we will come full circle and eventually start anew once again as a society. Sin only has a season, which is why tyrannical governments only last so long. Eventually most of the people that are not on the right side, will get on the right side, once they are personally hurting enough. 


An example is Obama Care. Once the people who thought they would get a free-ride on health care begin to get taxed for what they could not or would not pay for their own needs, change will begin. I just hope it does not take full-blown communism to fully wake the people up. 


We believers in Christ will always be shown a way out of our troubles. But will that include the need for passports, is the question. 


Let's pray that we can reach people without it having to get much worse. But fact is, chronic takers have to learn that eventually they will pay dearly, before they will smarten-up and seek to change. And history has shown such people to always need to learn the hard way. 

Special thanks to Vic for getting my thoughts going on this topic, with a well thought out question sent by email to me.

Debra J.M. Smith 01-15-13


 Debra J.M. Smith