Add one more liberal to the ever-growing list.

    Let's Just Add My Congresswoman To The List of Opportunists


This just in: One Nut Begets Another Nut. Or at least that is sure what it seems like to me. Six people have been killed, murdered, shot down! And all so many of these blooming liberal idiots can think of is attacking the republicans and going after yet more of our freedoms. What do they not get about the frustration that they are bringing on this nation!

They are after quieting the messengers, while refusing to look at who is really ticking off the crazies in this country. Them.

When I learned that my congresswoman, Louise Slaughter once again made the list of "The Most Stupid Things That Congress People Say," I have to admit that my blood boiled quite a bit. And I could not help but think about the difference between a crazy person and me. While I have hope in the Lord and logic and reasoning, to bring myself down from my boiling point, a crazy person doesn't have anything. 

It is amazing that the liberals realize anger can be incited by words, but they never stop to think it just might be THEIR words! And they never stop to think that some of the craziest people in this world and throughout history are and have been some of the people with highest IQs. These people are often very aware and know what is going on, all on their own.

Yet here these liberals are, saying and doing whatever they want to Americans. They are making things up out of thin air, angering Americans with every public word spoken, never giving one care to the fact that, yes, there are crazies out there in this world. And this time their abuse did not only bring harm to one of them, but killed six others, one of whom was just a child. These liberals need to learn that if the problem is speech, that they had better take a look at the words that come out of their own mouths.

Louise Slaughter had a brick go through her window, the night that they voted on the health care bill. She was not in her office, as she was on the TV in D.C. at the time. Her life was never in danger. It was vandalism. And someone who was upset with her did it. Was it an angry liberal who she promised free health care to, who wizened up to her? Or was it a conservative who didn't like being told he was beneath the dignity of her office. If anyone incited anger in the person, it was Louise Slaughter.

Yet here is Louise Slaughter, ticking people off again. Now she is using this tragedy in Arizona to push her "Fairness" Doctrine on the American people. Yep, that's one of her babies. She wants to silence conservative talk show hosts She wants to infringe on their freedom of speech. And this time she went as far as to say that she plans to, "look at ways to better police language on the airwaves." She is not only speaking about talk show hosts but conservative politicians too.

She wants to "police" our language. I have an aunt who told someone to drop dead once, and he did. Should my aunt have gone to jail for that? This is all that stupid and that wrong. These liberals are doing political cartwheels over this. They are thrilled to have something to use to their advantage. --And in the mean time, six people are dead.
Debra J.M. Smith -  01-13-11
www.InformingChristians.com -- YNN news, Casey J. Bortnick did a very good story on this topic: Click Here

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 Debra J.M. Smith