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Obama - A Man On A Mission
January 05, 2010

No matter what you may believe or not believe about Obama's birth and the true status of his presidential eligibility, you most likely (at least now) realize that he is not a true American at heart. This of course, is if you yourself are a true American at heart.

From the start, Obama has proven to be anti-America. He bows to foriegn leaders and apologizes for America on foriegn land, while promising that America will do better for the world. He wants a global tax, placed on American citizens, to end world poverty. And now he has given carte blanche to the one world government police force, to do whatever they want in America and to Americans.

He seeks to gain immeasurable dictatorship control over Americans, by taking over our health care system and taxing the air we breathe out, by way of the newly proven fear-mongering farce that's known as global warming.

Obama's friends and allies rang from an America-damning minister to Bill Ayers, the unrepentant domestic terrorist. He has named people to key positions of power, who have done despicable things. One man that he put over the safety of children in schools, is nothing more than a homosexuality pushing pervert, who teaches children how to shove a fist up a behind!

He attempts to mock God, by mocking the word of God. It is as if he is trying to anger God, so that God will lower the boom on America. The first thing he did in office, was to lift the ban on embryonic stem cell research. God will not be mocked!

He curtails to the one religion that has declared war on America; that would be Islam, and refuses to call Islamic terrorists, what they are -- Islamic terrorists. 

The man is a ticking time bomb. His change that he spoke of, is that of bringing America under the submission of the world and away from God. He does not like America and has never claimed to. He called America a great country and vowed to change her. It is not hard to understand, just what he meant by that. He does not like that America is a free nation, an independent nation, a prosperous nation, a nation that stands with Israel, a Christian nation, ONE nation under God!

Obama is a man on a mission, a suicide mission. 

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 Debra J.M. Smith